Digital marketing

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Main services
Associated services
  • Site usability audit and preparing recommendations based on it
  • Competitive analysis of market niches around the Internet to determine the most effective development and promotion strategy
  • Site SEO audit and making recommendations based on it
  • Building semantic core
  • Recommendations regarding site structure considering the demand pattern of search engines users
  • Technical recommendations regarding the site development/redesign considering its further development and promotion
  • Site performance monitoring and potential problems solving
  • Copywriting
  • Text provision for site pages, product cards, etc.
It is IMPORTANT to understand that
  • It’s not enough just to catch the audience - site preparation is also of the same importance in order to ensure the maximum conversion of visitors to customers
  • The internal infrastructure of the Company dealing with customer requests (Dial Central Office, call center, managers, etc.) should clearly ensure any inquiry handling


The main tasks to be solved:
  • Commercially effective coverage of the target audience (economically reasonable cost of contact)
  • Attracting potential customers to the site
  • The maximum conversion of site visitors to leads (queries, requests, orders, etc.)
  • Clear and understandable USP presentation on the site
  • Web content that gives comprehensive response to the key questions of potential customers (cost, characteristics, payment, delivery, etc.)
  • Convenient and intuitive site navigation and selection of interested products and services
  • Ensuring effective communication between site visitors and customer managers (minimizing contact loss)