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Site design

Individual. The site design is developed from scratch taking into account the wishes of the customer.
The cost includes the design of the following main sample pages: homepage, simple internal (about the company, etc.) page, general page of catalog, catalog subsection, product page, order form.

Implementation of customer design. Design development based on the layouts of all pages of the site provided by the customer in .psd format.

Ready template adaptation. Implementation of a design template purchased as a ready-made coding package on template aggregator sites.

от $ 100
Website coding

Conversion of design layout into html code. Adaptive coding ensures the correct site displaying at various popular screen resolutions, including screens of desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

от $ 300
Creating an underlying site structure

Site architecture development (sections, subsections, pages) on the basis of owned Viki.CMF framework which has been successfully used for many years for sites of various complexity, starting from simple promo sites to full-function web stores and portals.

от $ 200
Catalog of products and services

Adding a catalog module with approved structure and hierarchy of sections, subsections and product pages.
Product pages filling is carried out either by the customer (instructions are provided), or by our own efforts (see the next paragraph).

от $ 150
Site pages filling, including product pages

The process is carried out based on the information provided by the customer. If the source of information does not allow to quickly extract it and requires additional labor costs (files in the ".pdf" format, additional image processing in graphic editors, etc.), then the cost of filling should be agreed separately.

от $ 100
Shopping cart module

It allows the site visitor to formulate a complex order with its subsequent sending to the manager, and duplicating the order to the email address specified by the visitor.

от $ 150
Selection of products and services using filters

Allows site visitors to find quickly interested products and services according to the specified criteria (color, size, price, etc.).

от $ 200
Products sorting

Allows site visitors to gradate the catalog list according to specified criteria (name, price, article, etc.).

от $ 30
Multicurrency support

Allows to display prices on the site in a currency (or several) that differs from one indicated in the site management system. Conversion calculation is carried out either at the required rate specified in the site management system, or at the rate taken from external sources (for example, the official rate) with the possibility of its simultaneous adjustment to the required coefficient (for example, the official currency rate + 5%).

от $ 100
Products export from a catalog

Allows the site administrator to upload a catalog to an external file, such as ".csv" или ".xlsx".

от $ 50
Products import

Allows the site administrator to fill a product catalog automatically by downloading pre-prepared files in agreed format.

от $ 150
Integration with 1C and other accounting systems

Allows you to automatically:

  • fill in the catalog with products by importing available information from 1C and other accounting systems;
  • keep prices updated;
  • export incoming orders to 1C and other accounting systems.
от $ 300
Quick product preview

Allows a site visitor to receive more detailed product information in a pop-up window without the need to go to the individual product page.

от $ 30
Recommended products module

Allows site visitor to display a block with products in accordance with the specified criteria (manual indication of the correlation between the products, random display of products from the specified categories, etc.).

от $ 60
Viewed products module

Allows site visitor to show a block with products that he had previously viewed on the site.

от $ 60

By administrator manually. Added by site administrator manually based on the information received from site visitors.

By visitors. Added by site visitors (with or without pre-moderation).

Via social networks. Added through the corresponding plugins of a social network.

от $ 30
Service cost calculator

Allows the site visitor to obtain preliminary information about the estimated cost of the company’s services in accordance with the specified criteria.

от $ 60
User registration

Simple. Alongside with forming a base of visitors, it allows to display various pages, subsections and sections of the site depending on the fact of authorization (without differentiation of the rights between users and user groups).

Extended. An authorized user is additionally provided with a personal account with the possibility of profile editing, availability of order history and the ability to re-order quickly, etc.

от $ 100
Authentication via social networks

Allows visitors to log in to the site using their social networks accounts.

от $ 100
Social networks integration

Installing social networks widgets on the site (Like and Share buttons, etc.).

от $ 30

The block where site visitor can see changing images with the most interesting offers, promotions, discounts, etc.

от $ 35
Site search

Simple. Text search on the site by entering the query of interest into the corresponding field.

With hints. When typing the query, the site visitor is shown the appropriate results.

от $ 30
Feedback form

A simple form with standard fields with the help of which site visitor can send a message to the manager.

от $ 25
Location maps (Yandex / Google)

Placing Yandex and / or Google maps on the site.

от $ 10
Acquiring integration

Allows customers to pay for goods or services using payment cards.

от $ 200
Hosting a website on your hosting
Project development is usually carried out on our test server. Then it needs to be transferred to your server. To do this, we select the optimal tariff plan on the hosting platform, set up hosting and transfer the database and the site itself.
от $ 60
Project estimate:
* $ 0

* The cost is indicative and does not constitute an offer. The total cost is determined after all requirements have been agreed with the customer.

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