Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy aimed at the highest possible rank of website links in the natural (organic) search engine results in response to a user request. Inevitably this allows to catch to the site the maximum target audience consisting of search engines users.

Standard features of service:
  • Comprehensive audit of the site (readiness for optimization, the presence of technical, architectural and other errors)
  • Analysis of the competitive environment, identification of its weaknesses and strengths
  • Preparation of the semantic core (the structure and list of queries that most fully describe products and services presented on the site)
  • Development of a working schedule and its adjustment considering the dynamics of the results
  • Making recommendations on site for technical specialists (catalog structure, correct page addresses and meta tag masks, usability, etc.)
  • Optimization and text provision for site pages considering promoted topics
  • Thorough development of the external link mass
  • Analysis of the visits parameters of visitors and their behavior, identification of possible problem areas
  • Monitoring site performance and accessibility and page loading speed
  • Analysis of traffic dynamics from search engines and rank dynamics according to the semantic core